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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1878543551505428312988687Jagdev SandhuSpringwood Suns20191st Grade2 1Southside Rangers
2841030751505428312988684*Francis SelzerSpringwood Suns20191st Grade2 1Southside Rangers
37510283211505428313674775*Eddie ComerSpringwood Suns2019Under 13 South 22 1Holland Park Juniors
4699791671505428312997869Mitchell Le ProuSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade3 1Danger Island
5684490951505428312997168*Corey OliverSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade1 1Puka Puka
6552788711505428312988955Shane PennySpringwood Suns20191st Grade3 1Cool Brothers
7558670811505428313674755*Ky AhpeneSpringwood Suns2019Under 13 South 22 1Holland Park Juniors
85411152531505428313674754*Deacon HuntSpringwood Suns2019Under 13 South 22 1Holland Park Juniors
9519823591505428312988951Rish RaheelSpringwood Suns20191st Grade3 1Cool Brothers
104114687731505428312997841Mandeep KumarSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade3 1Danger Island
11398116461505428312997439Graham LangridgeSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade2 1Bethania Outlaws
123314507061505428312988933Micky RanaSpringwood Suns20191st Grade3 1Cool Brothers
13314490951505428312997831Corey OliverSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade3 1Danger Island
142815916651505428312997428Simranjeet SinghSpringwood Suns20192nd Grade2 1Bethania Outlaws
15285100651505428312988628Shaine ClarkeSpringwood Suns20191st Grade2 1Southside Rangers
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 25 and 100 runs.

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